Adoptable Dog Advertised As ‘Fire-Breathing Demon”

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An adoptable dog named Ralphie is being advertised as a “fire-breathing demon” in an adoption ad that has gone viral. Despite his deceptive appearance, Ralphie is just like any other adorable dog, looking for a forever home.

The ad, posted by the Niagara SPCA in Niagara Falls, New York, takes an unconventional approach to finding new owners for this French bulldog. While the ad may be humorous, it highlights the importance of being honest about an animal’s behavior and needs when seeking adoption.

Ralphie has already been adopted and returned multiple times, but hopefully, this unique advertisement will help him find the perfect home where he can be loved and understood.

Adoptable Dog Advertised As ‘Fire-Breathing Demon”


Adoptable Dog Advertised As ‘Fire-Breathing Demon”


Frequently Asked Questions Of Adoptable Dog Advertised As ‘fire-breathing Demon”

Has The Demon Dog Returned After Adoption?

Yes, Ralphie the “demon dog” has been adopted, but he has been returned to the shelter multiple times.

Has Ralphie The Demon Dog Been Adopted?

Yes, Ralphie the demon dog has been adopted after going viral earlier this year. He was at the Niagara SPCA after two previous owners found him too much to handle.

What Happened To The Demon Dog?

Ralphie, the demon dog, has been adopted multiple times but returned to the shelter.

What Kind Of Dog Is Ralphie The Demon Dog?

Ralphie the demon dog is a French Bulldog available for adoption at a shelter in New York. Despite his cute appearance, he is described as a “fire-breathing demon” in an adoption ad that went viral. Looks can be deceptive!


If you’re looking for a unique and unconventional dog to adopt, look no further than Ralphie, the “fire-breathing demon” dog. Despite his intimidating description, Ralphie has found his forever home multiple times, proving that looks can be deceiving. This viral adoption ad from the Niagara SPCA garnered attention for its honesty and humor.

So, if you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind canine companion, consider giving Ralphie a chance.

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