Dogs On Duty: Dog Saves Her Boy With Down’S Syndrome From A Tumble Dryer

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In a heartwarming and heroic act, a dog named Teddy saves her boy with Down’s Syndrome from a potentially dangerous situation when he gets trapped inside a tumble dryer. As Teddy noticed the loud banging and spinning of Riley’s iPad inside the dark dryer, she immediately started barking and running back and forth, alerting the family to the danger.

Without hesitation, Teddy’s swift action led to the dryer being opened, her son rescued, and cold water poured over him. Teddy’s bravery and quick thinking earned her a well-deserved PDSA Gold Medal, the animal equivalent of the George Cross. This story showcases the strong bond between humans and their furry companions and reminds us of the remarkable ways dogs can protect and care for their loved ones.

Dogs On Duty: Dog Saves Her Boy With Down’S Syndrome From A Tumble Dryer


Dogs On Duty: Dog Saves Her Boy With Down’S Syndrome From A Tumble Dryer


Frequently Asked Questions On Dogs On Duty: Dog Saves Her Boy With Down’s Syndrome From A Tumble Dryer

What Is The Dog Equivalent To Down Syndrome?

Dogs cannot have Down Syndrome, but they may show similar traits like slow growth, flat face, protruding tongue, and reduced cognitive function.

Why Can’t Dogs Have Down Syndrome?

Dogs can’t have Down syndrome, but they can display similar traits such as stunted growth, a flatter face, reduced cognitive function, or delayed cognitive development.

Can Dogs Have An Extra Chromosome?

No, dogs cannot have an extra chromosome. However, they may display traits similar to humans with Down syndrome, such as slow growth, a flatter face, protruding tongue, and reduced cognitive function.

What Happened To The Boy With Down’s Syndrome And The Tumble Dryer?

A dog named Teddy alerted the family when the boy, Riley, got trapped in the tumble dryer. Teddy barked wildly and the mother found Riley locked inside the spinning machine. She immediately pulled him out and poured cold water over him.


In a heartwarming story from Austin, Texas, a dog named Teddy proved to be a true hero when she saved her young boy with Down’s syndrome from a tumble dryer. Despite not being able to see inside the dark dryer, Teddy’s instincts kicked in when she heard loud banging and saw her boy’s iPad spinning around.

With quick action, Teddy pulled open the dryer and rescued her son, pouring cold water over him to cool him down. This incredible act of bravery demonstrates the unwavering loyalty and protective nature dogs have towards their humans. Teddy’s heroism has garnered media attention and even earned her the prestigious PDSA Gold Medal.

The bond between dogs and humans never ceases to amaze, and this heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the incredible ways our furry friends can save our lives.

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